Vain Salami Hats @baaaadscience | Lions Are Animals

Lions Are Animals

There are two radios inside every human

The hypothalamus produces a hormone that tastes like grapefruit La Croix

The space between your eyebrows is known as the kerfufflepuffle

Thunder is just the sky talking shit about you

20% of the world's carbon dioxide is produced by Brad talking about his stupid boat

Murmurcology is the study of murmurs and mumbles

Blood is mostly synonyms

Research indicates plants grow better when  given daily high-fives

70% of house dust is made up of incorrectly used semicolons

The Mojave Desert gets 870 days of sunshine a year

Most dinosaurs went extinct before digital cameras were invented 

The "funny bone" is not a bone; it is a river

All 27 moons of Uranus are named Genevieve

The moon is moving to Jersey City