Jessica Comola | After-Dead Home Charm with Strawberries Added

After-Dead Home Charm with Strawberries Added

Mark up the fire. A young firestick will stay in the fire.

After lifting the whisk a little fire sticks. Scrape 

red fleck on the inside. Gagroot. Someone else knew

more of it. Rather than finishing it 

Xed out on an X! cancels sin by it. Then,  

one and one half hours in the fridge to put him  

down. I didn’t use all      my sources

. . . //\(ರರರರ)/\\:。・:*:・゚,。・:*:・゚

did I? Burning the delicious sweets

together against burning wet 

feather against burning 


Feeling like a sweet


Painting sweet shortening-pie 

dishes. The time 

is cold soon as it’s put 

in a cold room lol,

buggeggs gell in the spoon

and on the underside of the spoon. 

. . . . . //\(ರರರರ)/\\:。・:*:・゚,。・:*:・゚

Nobody had seen me there. 

Nobody had listened to me there. 

I’d circled everyone there. 

I had all these clear strawberries singing in my glass pocket. 

Yanked a hard marble handle.

Why am I broken in half? 

Keep raining flour! Keep a grain of air in it!

Keeping a strangely long lifetime by quick-flipping it!

Mix with whisk. Parchment into dough, 

material of the liquid into material of the solids bowl. 

Unborn strawberry goes ratatata


        gubye, gubye, goes ratatata.

. . . . . . . //\(ರರರರ)/\\:。・:*:・゚,。・:*:・゚

I Love Jelly! Make that jelly a hot stone! Make that jelly

in hand a hot, hot stone! Make that turn overshoulder and 


Smile, Jelly!




Lick the sugar spoon, say ‘sweet’

not the spoon that’s sweet

try to eat the sugar 


. . . . . . . . . //\(ರರರರ)/\\/:。・:*:・゚,。・:*:・゚

Nobody had seen me there.

Nobody had heard me there.

Nobody had watched my hair let itself out to the wind. 

I’d walked the casket in without it touching anybody. 

I’d walked the casket in without it touching anything, 

the door, the doorframe, 

the wooden cabinet, 

the candle, the chair

I’d walked the casket in  The Holy 

comes pre-attached to the body 

material in the solids bowl, 

liquid in the liquids bowl, matters 

in the mate bowl, little was too much 

in a little

pinch pot. 

Fire dances in the pot. Shift lid to put out fire.