J. Michael Martinez | Two Poems

On the Naturalization of Alien Immigrants

from the Fifty-Ninth Congress, Sess. I, 1906


(Invalid for all purposes seven years after the date hereof.)

___________________, ss:

I, Chalchiuhtotolin aged before life, as life itself, of all years & fertility, whose occupation was the perceiver of truth, do declare on oath (affirm) that my personal description is: Color of the wild fowl of the wood & sea, my complexion iridescent as hummingbird feathers, my height, that of sacrifice, of the rising trees, my weight: the burden of godly conduct; this color of hair: all the green stone & gold drawn back to the first mother’s womb, the color of my eyes: marigold twined with feasting & dancing—now, everything seen: smoking mirrors; other visible distinctive marks I was the shape of giant garbed in colored tissue paper but, now, all my fertile powers are but shards; I was born in the waters before birth on the day of the first liquid anno Domini ____________________; I now reside between bondage & deprivation within these varieties of existence; I emigrated to the United States of America from the Law of Compensation on the vessel of the sinner, they who, at the end of existence, will appear on the throne of the solar gods, elevating them to holiness; my last foreign residence was within the four elements evolved into mineral, animal and vegetable, there, I drank from a bird’s beak, his gullet full of fermented honey water.

It is my bona fide intention to renounce forever all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, and particularly to Ehecatl, God of the Wind, of which I am now a citizen (subject); I arrived at the (port) of sound, as a gift to Shamash, the Sun, in the State (Territory or District) of Tonacacuauhtitlan, the place of the Tree of Sustenance on or about the first day of filial devotion & conjugal regard anno Domini ________________; I am not an anarchist; I am not a polygamist nor a believer in the practice of polygamy; and it is my intention in good faith to become a citizen of the United States of America and to permanently reside therein. 

               So help me God.

(Original signature of declarant) ________________ Subscribed and sworn to (affirmed) before me this ________________ day of________________ ,

      anno Domini ________________

[L. 8.]                                                                      (Official character of attestor.)

* *


________________ Court of ________________ .

In the matter of the petition of ________________  to be admitted as a citizen of the United States of America.

To the ________________ Court:

The petition of ________________ respectfully shows: 

First. My full name is Chalchiuhtotolin

Second. My place of residence is numbered outside number on No street, city of Absence in the Shape of a Fountain, State (Territory or District) of Xilbaba 

Third. My occupation was the keeping of the divine fire, a serpent with maiden eyes.

Fourth. I was born on the dissemination day of carnations, stillness wrung black

Fifth. I emigrated to the United States from the elemental letters , on or about

the final praising day of the shriven light, anno Domini ________________ , and arrived at the port of the last voices justified among the orchards in the United States, on the vessel whose light spilled the tempest feast.

Sixth. I declared my intention to become a citizen of the United

States on the androgynous, day of when all that was “primitive” vanished at the latitude in my blood, in the laws of analogy whose court of broken images erected sanctity below her shape

Seventh. I am the virgin married.  My wife’s name is contained in the One, martyrdom sustaining me .  She was born in this snow, this cluster of rage spreading the rose and now resides at end of narrative, salt shaped to summer’s fading scents. I have, beneath the noun, buried all my children, and the name, date and place of birth and place of residence of each of said children is as follows ________________ ; ________________ ; ________________ .

Eighth. I am not a disbeliever in or opposed to organized government or a member of or affiliated with any organization or body of persons teaching disbelief in organized government. I am not a polygamist nor a believer in the practice of polygamy.

I am attached to the principles of the Constitution of the United States, and it is my intention to become a citizen of the United States and to renounce absolutely and forever all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince potentate, state, or sovereignty, and particularly to my body as murmur, that capacity of joy full of flowers in me, of which at this time I am a citizen (or subject), and it is my intention to reside permanently in the United States.

Ninth. I am able to speak the English language.

[executive order]

The  crisis  crown. black  thorns  piercing. for  of  inviolate  flesh  a  replica  of  flesh. 

d i o r a m a s  o f  b o d i e s. l a s h e d   &   s t r e t c h e d.  t r u n k  o p e n e d  f o r  r e v e r e n c e.

i n  t h e  t h i c k e n i n g.    d e a t h   o f   t h e   c o m p o u n d.   n o u n   w  e   a r e.

b o n e s       b l e a c h e d       t o       b e a r.       w i n g s       o f       d r i e d       l u n g s.

p a l i n g         t h e        s o v e r e i g n.       f o r         t h e        w o r l d        s p e e c h

defies                                                                   .