Frederick Speers | Two Poems

Over the Heartlands

Freedom: Freedom! Freedom . . . freedom.

Freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom:

Freedom (freedom (freedom, freedom)).

Freedom -- freedom -- freedom -- freedom.

Freedom: freedom! Freedom . . . freedom?

(Freedom (freedom, freedom) freedom).

Freedom/freedom? "Freedom." Freedom,

Freedom: freedom! Freedom . . . freedom.

Freedom - freedom: freedom, freedom?

(Freedom, freedom) (freedom, freedom).

Freed om/freedom, freedom/freedom.

"Freedom"? Freedom - freedom -- "freedom".

Freedom: freedom. Freedom . . . freedom!

((Freedom, freedom) freedom) freedom.   

Opening Up to You, On the Other Hand, Reveals

Only the appearance of forever

Reed after reed repeating. You are gone and there

I am again, my own reflection: face for my faces

Eyes for my eyes, tongue for my tongues image

For my images, within the waters we can’t see through

To one another, noticing only what is

Manifest moonlight, moonlight

Through mist, the mist also separating us from

Now (Skipping a stone) Where now ripples form

Through what /Is thought /About, what is /Thought about, what

Is thought about, what is thought about /What is

Thought about what is thought

All of it taking p lace, and taking us only so far

As the surface stills, with blue air

When I hear you call once more from wherever you say you are