Anne Waldman | Two Acrostics

Binary Wild, Balzac’s Lament

Because a sudden blow restored to senses my

Intellectus deteriorum (head split more in two)

N O T E (the subtlest

Arabian talismans would be held aloft)

Risky to be carrying an ass’s skin

Yearning: sign my name in blood!

We poor Parisians, we are

Ignorant of these things!”

Left off the code, seen & unseen

“Demon, mud off my boot!” 

Binary Book, John The Evangelist/ on His Saint’s Day Dec 27, 2015

Beardless, as evangelist, with an act of writing


Numerous images: eagle, cup with vipers in it

Artists watch as he drains the poison cup unharmed, writes a

Revelation, not devil worship et cetera

Your footprints: pilgrim, saint, son of Zebedee

Booksellers take note, walk right in

O what pays debts? Writing a gospel?

O what red robe etched with gilt,  & nimbus vocabulary? what

Keeps us from the sacred (ink is blood) binary?