Andrea Rexilius | Letters to LouLou/Alphabet Ladies

Composed by fingertips on the 6th of August, 2014, in the garden, at dusk. 

My Dearest Darling LouLou,

I was very sad to miss our final soirée, but as you may have heard, a flock of geese inhabited my throat. 

I had a wonderful time dressing myself as a pig in a bonnet while you meowed in your cat mask. The jewels you fashioned with the beads were just delightful. And I think often of Cinderella at the ball in her bright, pink dress. 

You were a lovely hostess. I look very forward to our next encounter. Perhaps with tea and ladybug cookies? 

Please send Fernando the Fox my regards. I do hope he has not devoured all of the carrots in the house. He is rather fond of carrots, as you know. I will do my best to send him a fresh supply as often as possible. Until then, I hope you will keep him entertained. He finds dancing and singing songs very enjoyable.

I am enclosing here a number of butterflies obtained by one Miss Virginia the Cat during her wild escapades around the world. She thought them best suited for your care. 

Love & Yours, as ever, 

Aunt T-Rex

October 9, 2017

My Darling LouLou,

The Alphabet Ladies & I have been humming your name all afternoon.  A few of them wanted to slip inside this envelope to say hello. 


Aunt T-Rex